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sa dagger group marks The SA dagger was officially adopted in 1933 and featured the runic intertwined SA lightning bolt signet set into the wooden grip, along with the national eagle emblem. P Sauer & Söhn, Suhl (#30373) $795. SA Dagger - RZM M7/27 (Pumawerk) Late war RZM dagger, Produced by Pumawerk out of Solingen. By continuing your visit to this website, you accept the use of tracers (cookies) to perform anonymous statistics visits and optimize your experience on the website (persistent connection, automatic backup of thecart). (See UEB, §3. The blade on this one looks fine. All early nickel silver fittings, the lower reverse crossguard is SA group stamped Mi. Ink & Dagger were a punk rock band from Philadelphia that was active in the 1990s. A. The reverse lower crossguard SA Group marked is "Ha" (Hansa) located in N Germany . mint rzm dagger by M7/27 Pumawerk (Lauterjung & Sohn), Solingen. sa double marked transitional dagger by henckels m7/10 Fresh out of a PA Veteran's estate, here is a scarce DOUBLE MARKED SA DAGGER BY HENCKELS M7/10 1938. Here you can find a list of SA Gau / Gruppe stamp codes! This stamped code is on the back of a crossguard, on a WWII German SA Dagger. This has nice nickle or aluminum cross gaurds on it. It retains approximately 70% of this black paint. com account and would like to receive updates when I add new items for sale or other announcements, please click on the 'f' symbol to the left to go my Facebook page to 'like' or 'follow' my product page at @Bayonet. The section have since then been greatly extended by a large number of contributing collectors. SA/NSKK Group Marks Usually appearing on the reverse lower crossguard, the SA and NSKK marks were used as a distribution control measure. This is a text book original transitional SA Dagger, manufactured in 1938. That mark I believe is from a jewelry manufacturer and shop in Greenwich Village NY on W. It is marked EP&S / SOLINGEN. Bayonets from Selected Countries of the World updated March 4, 2008: Help us keep this Identification Service alive. D-774. There has been much speculation about the numbered SA daggers from Group Nordmark. The blade does show some light age, runner marks, light scrapes etc. Very nice early sa dagger manufactured by anton wingen, blade has a partial grind still having 'in cordial friendship' and missing the ernst rhom name. Gruppe Mitte was a Group of SA members from Mitte which is a location in Berlin. G. Sauer & Sohn, Suhl in double oval and Neanderthal Man with club etched TM; Condition: EX Pre-1935 SA daggers were stamped with the SA group stamp to the reverse of the lower crossguard. Nice clean blade, good handle, scabbard has indentation in middle, however, good anodization. Veteran Souvenir: Original era manufacture. This auction is for a Pre-WWII Era SA Dagger [Sturmabteilung = SA aka “Brown Shirts”], manufactured by Gebrüder Heller, located in Schmalkalden, Germany (226 miles South & a little West of Berlin). P. Later examples were RZM marked and used less expensive plated zinc-based fittings with painted scabbards. The cross guard is stamped NRH. Grip is perfect, except for one small linear. There is a M stamped on the back of the handle and there is some kind of logo on the bottom of the blade but it is getting worn off. Dear experts, I have a question about a dagger I came across while assessing the private WWII collection that two friends of my recently inherited. Nazi "SA" Dagger - brown enameled scabbard, brown wood grip, "SA" logo on small round medallion below pommel-cap. . The dagger has a nickel plated cross guard and hilt with the cross guard stamped with a small "WF" stamp, with wooden grip that is inlaid with the small "SA" party emblem at the top with Nazi "Winged Eagle, clutching the Wreath/Swastika " insignia. SA Dagger - Standard 1933 Pattern - RZM marked "M7/42" for maker 'W. The reverse showed the Röhm dedication In herzlicher Kamerad Product Description ***SOLD*** Nazi Germany 1st model 1933 SA/Stormtroopers dagger with scabbard. There are some wear marks on the handle and some marks on the pommel but the blade looks real clean. SA Dagger Ground Rohm by Carl Eikhorn The blade with rare marker mark of small logo Carl Eikhorn Solingen and owner initial JK The Rohm part of the grade is removed An early SA service dagger by Wilhelm Kober, from which the Ernst Rohm dedication was removed. 1, Asterisk, Dagger, and Double Dagger. SA dagger. Dagger comes with Anchor motif on the blade and other than the motif on the scabbard the dagger itself is the same as the standard KM Dagger this will be a nice addition to any dagger collection at a fraction to the price daggers are going for these days. It is a clear sign of how you intend your class to be used. This is an apolitical forum for discussions on the Axis nations and related topics hosted by the Axis History Factbook in cooperation with Christian Ankerstjerne’s Panzerworld and Christoph Awender's WW2 day by day. WW2 Nazi SA Dagger bearing makers marks for "Carl Schmidt Sohn A G Solingen". So finding one in this condition is a SUPER awesome treat! The SA Group Mark "Mi" appears on the reverse of the lower cross guard, denoting that the original owner of this piece was a member of SA Group "Mitte". Blade has very minor patina along with some runner marks. WW2 German SA dagger marked by RZM M7/67/41 with dagger hanger. 00. Visit our Shopping Site pages and buy from us direct or visit our Books for Sale pages and buy research materials from one of our affiliates. THE HISTORY OF THE SA DAGGER . Run the appropriate marks, then run NA for the AN Marks (31Dec). SA Daggers Formed in 1921, the Sturmabteilung (SA) or “Brown Shirts”, functioned as the original paramilitary wing of the Nazi Party (NSDAP). Join Facebook to connect with Jay's Dagger and others you may know. The grip eagle has an aluminum look to it. View the profiles of people named Jay's Dagger. FOR SALE!! 1935 3 African ivory elephant tusks 1935 African dagger handle made of ivory and ebony 1935 Spear head Machete All African selling due to not an interest of mine. The dagger has some minor signs of field use overall. SA Daggers » Daggers Rare SA Dagger w/Early Pattern Blade Motto, Grip Eagle, and no SA Grip Insert (#29981) $2,395. Late war plated fittings, correct grip eagle and roundel in good condition. Dittert & Co. Also daggers of the NSKK - Standard Service, Chained, etc. Nickel finish fittings with district stamp on reverse of lower cross guard. com marks page was originally initiated by a donation of marks from the collection of Karl-Hans Schneider, Euskirchen, Germany in July 2000. C'. War Militaria utilizza i cookies per rendere più piacevole la tua esperienza di shopping. The blade reads "June 44 18th Field Artillery Group May 45, , Normandy Coast Saint Lo Falaise Gap Soissons Mons Aachen, Ardennes Duren Cologne Rhine Ruhr Pocket Chemnitz" The bayonet has no maker marks or other stampings. The brown wood handle has been painted black to reflect this transfer. With the Nazi rise to power in 1933, a dress dagger was introduced for wear with the iconic “brown shirt” uniform. Original parkerized finish, stocked in walnut. The medium brown handle is an excellent fit & has no liabilities. SA Dagger. 1) SA DAGGER. Other than the inscription, these pieces were identical to the standard M 1933 SA dagger. c. The fit remains nice and tight and the tip comes to a nice point! Daggers are definitely a one handed melee weapon in D&D 4th Edition. The blade is near excellent, with some of the usual marks from being in and out of the scabbard. A good scarce Third Reich SA Rohm dagger, the blade bearing pre 1935 Eickhorn mark and full Rohm dedication inscription, hilt with nickel silver mounts and stamped on the crosspiece “Fr” (SA Group Fra The dagger has a brown bakelite grip with no chips or cracks. WWII Nazi German SA Dagger With Rare Double Hanger. Additionally, the original owner evidently joined the NSKK but, rather than purchase a new dagger, or even simply a new scabbard, the owner instead gave th NS stands for Niedersachsen a "Group" mark, that designates where in Germany , you joined The Nazi party and bought your Dagger. Luttges & Co. Good average dagger hanger. The purchase only occurred recently on March 6, 2018. Sean got a call from an area gun shop for this great walk-in. On reverse only Ernst Rohm in the inscription "In Herzlicher Freundschaft Ernst Rohm" is partially ground. SA, abbreviation of Sturmabteilung (German: “Assault Division”), byname Storm Troopers or Brownshirts, German Sturmtruppen or Braunhemden, in the German Nazi Party, a paramilitary organization whose methods of violent intimidation played a key role in Adolf Hitler’s rise to power. The scabbard anodizing is about %60 with just a few specs missing here and there. And as there were no Gruppe marks after 1936 it looks like your guy had an issued SA within Gr P and later joined the NSKK at which point he replaced his scabbard as it was cheaper than buying a whole new dagger. The blade shows light scabbard wear and age. It was listed on our site previously but has been sold and is no longer available for purchase. A German Propaganda Victory by Kenneth Daniel Williams – 351st Bomb Group During World War II, I was a bombardier with the 8th Air Force flying out of England. The Reichsluftschutzbund (State Air Protection Group) was a Nazi organization founded in late 1932, and from 1933 given the role of air raid protection and civil defence duties. This is an early one, so called 1933 Pattern. Early quality dagger “Brownshirt” SA enlisted man’s dagger with nickel silver fittings. Axis History Forum. This is an exacting replica made from an original example of a later-produced SA Dagger. 1933 SA Dagger by J. The mid-toned fruit wood grip with solid nickel-silver eagle & swastika motif and SA Runes eye. A very fine S. While originally established in 1933, the Reichszeugmeisterei, or "RZM" as it is better known , was just beginning to gain momentum on the standardization of NSDAP insignia and equipment at the WW2 Nazi SA Dagger bearing makers marks for "Carl Schmidt Sohn A G Solingen". sa dagger 1933 model with presentation inscription by rare maker ehr reich complete with hanger. There are a few details you can use to narrow down just where it might have been used. German WWII SA Enlisted Dagger, RZM M7/81 Karl Tiegel, Reimberg Mfg This item is listed for historical interest only. The dagger has a brown bakelite grip with no chips or cracks. That dagger style was used by both the SA, which were the sort of brown shirt storm troops, and the NSKK, which was the motor corp. This piece has all correct RZM fittings and is good representative example that has never been played with. You have to ask why all these early period daggers with varying group marks have RZM period engravings. P. It is chrome plated with a heavy patina. The blade has typical runner marks and a few small dark spots on the front and back + retains most of the original cross grain, and a deep dark motto. “Thank you, Here is some info about my father J—– —– —- , I am named after my father. Pricing and identification guides for Dagger. Blade VG+ original condition with usual scabbard drag marks. Jester and his group try to recruit Cloak and Dagger to fight the Avengers. The "experts" say the numbers following the Brigade numbers are ausweiss numbers. The blade polish and etched slogan are outstanding with original crossgraining and minor runner marks from scabbard insertion. Faint but visible boxed SA/NFR cartouche and ordnance wheel on left side of stock. His goal was to overthrow the government, but he had to compete with numerous other Bavarian right-wing groups and with his friend Ernst Roehm, a Bavarian staff officer. Nicely toned dark brown finish pearwood grip. An nice early SA dagger by the rare maker Carl Grah of Solingen. Nickel-silver hilt fittings show light surface wear/age patina with reverse lower crossguard SA Group marked, “Ho” and has the number 153 201, what is probably the party number. SA M38 dagger in post 1938 year, 3rd type RZM M 7/104 SA M38 dagger in post 1938 year, 3rd type RZM M 7/104 Ludwig Zeitler, Wien. The dagger displays the high quality workmanship and materials of the early production, and this beauty is named as well! SA Dagger with hanger [Early Version] - P. the 1933 model sa dagger is the most widely produced dagger of the third reich period,with between 2 to 3 million being manufactured,probably because the sa SA Dagger /SA Dague-by Rare Maker Gustav Wirth We use cookies to gather web statistics, remember your settings and target ads. Over the past 60 years or so, their father has built up and restored an interesting collection of WWII vehicles, weapons and equipment. Partial GROUND ROHM SA DAGGER. A list of these groups can be obtained from the main menu at left under "SA Group Marks". A model 1933 SA service dagger with leather hanger, Maker Rob. The SA, or Brown Shirts, were a private political group formed in 1921 which Adolf Hitler and the NSDAP used to maintain order at organized Party meetings and demonstrations. Values for German WWII SA Dagger with Scabbard 8. Where once the "city of swords" Solingen provided weaponry throughout all of Europe and even going back to the time of the Crusades, WWII took it's toll on that industry after the collapse of the Nazi regime. Overall length: 13 3/4". The Sturmabteilung (SA; German pronunciation: [ˈʃtʊɐ̯mʔapˌtaɪlʊŋ] ( listen)), literally Storm Detachment, was the Nazi Party's original paramilitary. OHLIGER with Vertical Hanger- Very desirable maker. It has very nice insignia set into the grip, a nice aluminum grip eagle, and nice SA emblem. Invaluable is the world's largest marketplace for art, antiques, and collectibles. SA group stamp to the reverse of the lower crossguard. to appraise similar items instantly without sending photos or descriptions. Daggers have been used throughout human experience for close combat confrontations, and many cultures have used adorned daggers in ritual and ceremonial contexts. By tlitt in forum Edged Weapons Forum Replies: 9 The SA dagger with full Röhm dedication, made by E. I understand it is a 3 piece hanger for a SA or NSKK Dagger. , Siegfried wielding hammer (Ernst Pack) TM. Brown, wooden grip shows light surface wear with no hairline cracks, chips or damage, and features early production grip-to-crossguard fit. Early SA Dagger by Henckels - D588 . Early SA Service Dagger by Klittermann & Moog SA M 33 dagger E. There were 30 different territorial SA groups but only 23 of them marked the bottom cross guards (Gau markings) of their daggers. The following is a list of known edged weapon manufacturer's RZM codes taken from Collecting the Edged Weapons of the Third Reich by Tom Johnson who has kindly allowed me to use this information from his There are a total of 221 known makers of early German SA and NSKK dagger producing between 1933-1936, this number dropped to 62 once the RZM system was adopted and only select companies gained manufacturing contracts. This SA Dagger by RZM M7/33 has some watermarks to the blade and is in typical condition for a RZM vintage item and it is in overall average shape. After the Röhm purge, the inscription was ordered to be removed. SA/SS dagger scabbard repaint – old dents can be filled then re sprayed (ideal for SS and NSKK daggers). No damage, sharpening or chips, manufacturer marked to Gottfried Müller Herges Vogtei. from around 1956 to the present. If a Marine completes his period of activation and is deactivated within 90 days prior to the effective date for reporting SA marks (31Jan & 31Jul), run the TR marks. A Very Nice RZM SA Dagger By Robert Klaas Solingen This is a beautiful SA dagger with original hanger maker marked M7/37 which is the code for Robert Klaas Solingen-Ohligs. Unusual configuration, so heads up! Early manufacturer; the nickel /ilver crossguards are in excellent shape with the reverse of the lower crossguard being group marked Wm (for Westmark). Dark wooden grip shows only light surface wear with no cracks or chips and with silver grip eagle and SA insert properly inset. WW2 German SA ground Rohm dagger by Eickhorn. The dagger has been re-completed with earlier style cross guards, and an early hanger, which is damaged due of wear. WW2 German SA Dagger by HACO Berlin. Nickel silver grip fittings, the crossguard punched "Wm" for SA Group Westmark. ED. - German WWII M1933 SA Enlisted Dagger, Scarce Maker, Dittert & Co. Being double etched "Erften Spatenstich der SA Fiedlung Krefeld SA Standarte 40". 30-06 Cal; good bore, good stock, 24'' barrel, SA 4-45 barrel with bright breech. This Sa is in decent condition for being an early rare maker. The dagger is marked M7/80 on the blade, meaning it was made by Gusatav Spitzer KG in Solingen, Germany. The German WWII SA Dagger is apparently in very good condition and bears some marks from those treacherous days when the Fuhrer huffed and puffed while he snuffed away millions of lives order to get hold of this macabre dagger, you would just have to spend $549 with a little more for shipping depending on where you stay. Join Facebook to connect with Marc Dagger and others you may know. This is an early example in fine condition with a very interesting presentation inscription. The dagger symbol originated from a variant of the obelus (plural: obeli), originally depicted by a plain line ( −) or a line with one or two dots ( ÷). very good grips, On the blade appears an etching "EVERYTHING FOR GERMANY'' The blade has some dark spots and scabbard wear. This is a fantastic 1933 pattern SA dagger – that was made with precision SA Dagger marked RZM M7/116 in very good condition. I have several numbered Nm daggers, as well as a numbered NSKK dagger from Pommern, all with matching scabbard numbers. A meaty feast awaits. Wooden grip is also VG with some wear to eagle but detail is intact. Original German SA dagger, RZM issue, 7/73 Maker F. Nickel-silver hilt fittings with reverse lower cross guard group marked, "Nrh" (Niederrhein). Blade shows some greying, crossgrain visible, with typical runner marks SA Dienstdolch group markings Article about: Here is a gruppe mark that is very rare and elusive, to be added to the list,, this gruppe mark is "Oe" which represents the Austrian SA! 05-12-2008, 09:06 AM #1 very good grips, On the blade appears an etching "EVERYTHING FOR GERMANY'' The blade has some dark spots and scabbard wear. Solingen," and correct painted scabbard and plated mounts. Nickel-silver hilt fittings show very light surface wear/age patina with lower crossguard group marked; “S” for Schlesien. three piece sa dagger hanger This is a super nice three piece RZM marked hanger set up. Introduced in 1933 it was the first of the many daggers adopted by the Third Reich, for their respective Nazi organisations. Dagger Blade Mottos Maker/Distributor Marks SA/NSKK Group Marks SA/HJ RZM Codes SA Transitional RZM Codes SS RZM Codes Eickhorn "Field Marschall" Swords Daggers of the SA (Storm Troops): Standard Service, Feldherrnhalle, Special Presentation, High Leader Daggers, and all SA accoutrements. Lüneschloss, Solingen. Neustadt. Hopefully somebody can help me out identifying if this knife is real and the value. A rare Röhm pattern Blade with etched motto Alles für Deutschland . The Dagger has the maker mark on the blade: Malsch & Ambronn Steinbach. D562 SA Dagger by RZM M7/33. Blade has an incorrect Ernst Rohm presentation. This item is a German WW 11 Red Cross medical leader dagger and comes with the original scabbard. It represented an iron roasting spit, a dart, or the sharp end of a javelin, symbolizing the skewering or cutting out of dubious matter. Find sa co available for buying today online! SA Dienstdolch group markings Article about: Here is a gruppe mark that is very rare and elusive, to be added to the list,, this gruppe mark is "Oe" which represents the Austrian SA! 05-12-2008, 09:06 AM #1 Original SA dagger, RZM marked, 1939 dated production. M. Dick SA Dagger is hard to find! This example has very nice acid etched Alles fur Deutschland motto and "F. For the purest this piece hasn't been touched and perfectly matches in ever way. b. Grip : Nickel silver hilt fittings show age patina with lower reverse crossguard group marked, “Sa” (Sachsen). Moderated by Mike McAlvanah, perhaps THE most accomplished SA dagger collector in history. German Dagger RZM List Before 1936 German blade manufacturers of both swords and daggers had their respective logos placed on their blades. This nice brown leather is still supple and useabl e will make any SA look great. ) Retain the superscript format for all other symbols. RZM M7/72 (Karl Robert Kaldenbach, Solingen-Gräfrath) TM. The grip has an attractive grain and a pleasant light color. SA Dagger by RARE Maker. This includes but is not necessarily Axis History Forum. 1c + 10 WW2 German NSKK Dagger - Gottlieb Hammesfahr RZM M7-67-38 This original 1938 NSKK Dagger belongs to the group of NSKK’s made between 1938 and 1942 with the RZM number on the blade. On the other side is inscribed, the word "muertos", meaning "death" of course to the enemy or anyone who comes in contact with the blade in the name So @Inject marks an entry point for Dagger to signal it how and where to create your class. Fisher the author states that the Kaldenbach firm is rated as a RARE maker of SA Daggers with an estimated 1,000 produced. After the Röhm purge an order to remove all inscriptions that bore his name was given. WW2 German Early SA Dagger by Aesculap Tuttlingen Fine example of scarce dagger showing all the characteristics of early production piece. This group of individuals, classified as part of the Wehrmacht support forces. The patina on the metal on the handle looks odd. The gotheborg. The early production models had high quality nickel silver fittings and a brown oxide finished scabbard. Scabbard has browned. 4th st. but for an un-cleaned dagger that's to be expected. Based on the McSarr SA Rarity Rating, this dagger is rated as a '7'. The two permanent members throughout the band's career were guitarist Don Devore and vocalist Sean Patrick McCabe. EDIT. The pommel nut at the top of the grip shows no signs of having been messed with or removed. The Reichsluftschutzbund maintained a system of paramilitary ranks similar to that of the Nazi Sturmabteilung (SA). Players Hanbook 1 page 218 lists a dagger as a "Simple Melee Weapon" sub category one-handed. All maker marks remain 100% intact. Wooden grip retains SA roundel, party eagle & swastika and is in good condition. Few edged weapon firms survived the fall of the 3rd Reich. Early double oval Eickhorn maker mark. 3. Blade has in-and-out marks and greying to blade, also, there is a strange small burn/nick on one side of blade. SA Dagger by Eickhorn #4391 This is a real sleeper, outside, this dagger looks like a grimy but nice dagger. Biggest group of Sa Co at unbelievable costs. . A dagger is a knife with a very sharp point and one or two sharp edges, typically designed or capable of being used as a thrusting or stabbing weapon. These daggers were to honor individuals who had served with the SA prior to December, 1931. Only early daggers were group marked - late period RZM marked and mid period double marked (RZM and maker's mark) blade daggers were never "Gau marked". Fine example of scarce dagger showing all the characteristics of early production piece. Lüneschloss, Solingen TM. I attach the note from the son of the veteran from whom it belonged . Read more about cookies here or close tab now. 8. From what I can find the date of manufacture should 1938. Un-messed with, very nice condition. View the profiles of people named Marc Dagger. The usual SA motto is X marks Fork n’ Dagger Restaurant for good food in Baguio. Text link: German Edged Weapons – German Officer Sword | Rare … D-716. Supper nice SA dagger, maker RZM M7 7/37 Robert Klass, the blade retains 98% cross grain marks and the dedication still has all gray background in the lettering and the tip is perfect, blade maker marking also has all the background gray in the marking, all fits of all parts are perfect, screws have never been turned nor has this dagger ever Values for TIGER GERMAN WWII SA DAGGER: Brass pommel, emblem and knuckleguard. The logos included a vast range of styles and types, and because they signify the early quality production era they are sought after. scottvez, 6 years ago Nazi SA Dagger. SA Röhm Service Dagger - PACK & SÖHNE - SA Service Dagger with hangers. Facebook gives people the power to Daggers at the ready for TV news war In the next few months MultiChoice will decide on who will take over the 24-hour news channel previously run by ANN7. Dagger with 1941 blade, marked "RZM M7/68" and with etched ricasso maker's mark, "Tigerwerk Lauterjung & Co. Early NAZI SA Dagger by F. Near mint blade with only in and out marks and has Twins trademark and RZM M7/10 1938 (very hard to find). The dagger is in nice condition with a spectacular blade. A superior early SA dagger by C & R Linder, Solingen-Weyer. Other than the inscription, these pieces were identical to the standard M1933 SA dagger. P & S, Solingen. WW2 German Transitional SA Dagger - J. An RZM SA Dagger by Karl Rob, Kaldenbach, Solingen-Grafrath 1939 - Measuring 378 mm in length with the scabbard on, this SA dagger is engraved "Alles für Deutschland" on the blade, magnetic, exhibiting beautiful crossgraining, with the usual in and out runner marks, semi-sharp edges and a very sharp tip. Good nickel crossguards and toned wooden grip with nickel eagle and enamelled SA runes motif. Lüttges Solingen, quite a rare maker mark. Early SA and NSKK daggers will often have an SA Group mark on the reverse lower crossguard. The silver plated cross guards have crisp edges and precise accent grooves. D. - leather and solid metal white alloy fittings Complete and intact used condition, nicely aged patina. with etched motto "Alles für Deutschland" and reverse E. SA Gruppe marks known to Dagger Producers and Manufacturers To date, this is an updated list of the most recent sightings of the SA Gruppe mark and dagger producers. The Model 1934 Ernst Röhm SA Dagger (Sturmabteilung Dienstdolch) Ernst Rohm honor daggers were granted to members of the SS/SA who had either had interrupted service since December 31st 1931 or those who transferred from the Hitler Youth prior to December 31st 1931. The dagger is one of a group of three . Late War SA Dagger - The “Sturmabteilung” (SA), formed in 1921, was the original paramilitary branch of the Nazi party. The gun is very collectible. Marvel's Cloak & Dagger, or simply Cloak & Dagger, is an American cable television series created for Freeform by Joe Pokaski, based on the Marvel Comics characters of the same name. h. mint rzm code dagger, the blade is in prestine conditions with all the grinding present with few runnig marks , scabbard mantain 95% the paint with a nice red wood handle Cookies help us deliver our services. Hilt of standard pattern with nickeled mounts. SA DAGGER (SA Dolch) This SA Dagger is in untouched, un-cleaned condition. The back of blade is etched withWagner &Lange SolingenIt is in great condition overall. 00 *SOLD* Uncleaned Early SA Dagger (#29966) This ground Röhm SA dagger has a great handle with textbook early nickel sliver crossguards. Great looking Two Piece SA Dagger Hanger with the D-Ring having an interesting fitting that allows the hanger dagger assembly to be removed without the belt having to be unfastened and this set being in excellent condition. It played a significant role in Adolf Hitler's rise to power in the 1920s and 1930s. I don't know these well enough to give you an opinion on authenticity. 98% Adonization nice uncleansed fittings with only minor hit to bottom. With just some light blemishes and runner marks holding it back. Continuando ad usare i nostri servizi accetti di utilizzare i cookies. A good piece. the blade of this example is min+++ just minor running marks ,crossgriding is perfect , the scabbard mantain 99% the paint, the wooden handle is beautiful , the entired dagger is amezing , the inscription on both sides of the top fitting of the scabbard make this dagger special. These daggers never had the makers mark etched on the blade. & R. Inscription "Alles fur Deutschland" translates to "Everything for Germany. Some American silversmiths mimicked British hallmarks to lend their wares prestige -- rather than to convey specific information. This SS full Rohm dagger was recently received from a consignor that purchased it from a 94 year old veteran of a field artillery group. German Pre-WWII SA Dagger, Gebrüder Heller. II SA Ground Rohm, Eickhorn-small trade mark high on blade-near lower guard stamped: Ho. KREBS SOLINGEN". Gau marked Wf, this dagger has a nice eagle and SA insignia. A German SA dagger Straight 8 3/4 inch double edged blade marked on one side Alles fur Deutschland , the reverse with maker's mark RAM/M7/80. Dagger is fully ground Rohm and blade is in average condition with typical in and out marks. Make ready and arm yourselves with fork and dagger, the tools of the foodie trade, my foodie friends. Burley Auction Group. Facebook gives people the power to Now for a really nice early SA (storm trooper’s) ground Rohm dagger. A brown leather belt hanger for the SA dagger - Maker marked D. The lower crossguard has an SA group mark on the reverse. The bright blade with distinct crossgrain and only light contact marks and with the inscription 'Alles fur Deutschland' to front with the trademark to the reverse. 00 Maker: J. This is an early SA dagger that has been converted to reflect the fact that the owner transferred into the SA Marine unit. The SA was the first group within the Third Reich to be officially sanctioned to wear a standard dress dagger as part of their uniform. Henckels RZM M7-10 1938. Some light bubbling to plated guards. Locket and chape have normal wear, chape does have a couple small Description: Condition: Price: Nazi Accessories "Unternehmen Barbarossa" wartime original soldier art book, depicting one soldier's interpretation various stages of the Nazi invasion of the Soviet Union, 18 full color drawings, 15 of which are captioned, plus a black and white portrait of Heinz Guderian, including tanks, planes, Kiev, Moscow, night fighting, etc. The condition is excellent with the exception of a little lifting on the cross guards. Dick trade mark that runs down the spine without dots identical to early Rohm daggers made by this compnay. & S. Stats for the plain dagger are as follows: A Dagger Guild membership places you in a powerful association of craftsmen, with abundant information at your fingertips. Please check pictures and ask any questions. Pack and Son. Burley Auction Group - ESTATE AUCTION Jack White Oil On Canvas Painting Of Mark Twain. The Saga of Murder, Inc. Eppenstein und Sohne on opposite to appraise similar items instantly without sending photos or descriptions. And with a Dagger Guild community membership, your voice will be heard, and better still, you can easily get additional answers, tools, and training you need through other provided resources. This bright blade is deeply etched with the SA motto "Alles für Deutschland" (Everything for Germany) and appears to have nice 100% of the original darkening in the backgrounds. m. Description: GERMAN WWII SA DAGGER HILT MARKINGS The SA was the oldest paramilitary formation of the NSDAP and made its first appearance in November 1921 at a rally in the Munich Hofbrauhaus. The SA or Brown Shirts, were a private political formation which Adolf Hitler and the NSDAP used to maintain order at organized Party meetings and demonstrations. The Dagger dont seem to have been worn everything is untouched no marks on screws or fitting overall a very nice dagger. 8 5/8'' blade marked Tiger Solingen and motto. Comments. Original Item: Only One Available: A very nice F. Maker marks continued to be used on Army, Navy and Luftwaffe edged weapons until blade production ceased in 1941 (swords) and 1942 (daggers). 5'' blade marked Alles Fur Deutchland (''Everything for Germany'') on one side and C. I think this dagger is not a "Katipunan" dagger because of the seal on the sheath is the seal of the 1st Philippine Republic and is consistent with the "Viva Republica" inscribed on the blade. Two Piece SA Dagger Hanger, Variant D-Ring That Slides Open. The ! SS Daggers . By using our services, you agree to our use of cookies. The blade has not been cleaned or polished and has wear marks from pulling in and out of scabbard. At the tip – on the photos – are some light grease marks – which I would imagine has been in the scabbard for a very long time because of its dirty colour. Values for A Third Reich Hitler Youth dagger, the 14cm blade marked RZ M7/12 1942, the plated hilt with a two-piece chequered grip, inlaid with the enamelled swastika to appraise similar items instantly without sending photos or descriptions. So @Inject marks an entry point for Dagger to signal it how and where to create your class. Early SA Dagger by E. The acid etched "Alles für Deutschland" motto and "Wagner & Lange Solingen" maker mark are both look great. If you've ever read through Witty's bible on the Exclamation Motto SS Daggers, it's not only confusing as to which company made which dagger during what time period, but we really have never understoo The SA was the first group within the Third Reich to be officially sanctioned to wear a standard dress dagger as part of their uniform. Like all nazi items they are heavily reproduced. R. Solingen-Wald. The marker code of 67 represents Gottlieb Hammesfahr and the 41 represents the date of 1941. Find makers marks or hallmarks to identify Dagger and research through millions of auction records for Dagger to learn the worth of your collection. An exceptional example of a Model 1933 Sturmabteilung (SA) dagger by Carl Eickhorn of Solingen! Carl Eickhorn was one of the premier manufacturers of German dress daggers during the NSDAP period, making this a much sought-after maker for collectors. This WW2 SA Dagger is in beautiful condition, the side of the blade is etched with Alles fur Deutschland. " This particular dagger was carried by the officers of the SA or " Sturmabeilung " from 1934 to 1945. In the Mystery Marks forum, Jackie Weeks asked about a mark "the silversmith" . Helbing Steinbach. 6. (Weyersberg Kirscbaum & Cie AG of Solingen), rarity level 7 (1 being the most common and 10 the most rare) Exceptional unused condition rarely seen - blade totally mint retaining all of the cross graining only faint usual slider marks - scabbard red/brown - Grip condition Accept. SA Ground Rohm by E. On page 390 of NS Dagger Maker Trademarks - Fisher Quick Reference by R. It was not the responsibility of the dagger producer to apply these stampings on the back of the lower crossguard,,but only to produce and deliver to the SA district. Comes with paper RZM tag dagger accompanied by original paper bag marked, "SA-Dolch WKC Waffenfabrik, G. Tom Wittmann is a nice guy, and helped me out immensely when I was a young collector many years ago. Inset enameled SA button and typical Eickhorn "long neck" grip eagle. These marks normally appear on the reverse lower crossguard of pre-RZM daggers. Given the size of the SA we do occasionally see other rarer daggers carried by this branch of service including the Matched Unit Marks Gendarmerie Dress Bayonet by Horster Early Group Marked NSKK Dagger by August Marten $675. The eagle has wonderful detail with no issues or flaws. SA Dagger with hanger [Early Version] - P. June 30th marks the 84th anniversary of the night of the long knives. K. Mark Texeira (signed) Inks: (CC BY-SA 4. Blade looks to have been professionally ground. Third Reich German Dagger Screws, Hitler Youth knife diamonds/grip emblems/badges SCREWS AVAILABLE If you are a collector of WW2 German Daggers you will know there are many examples and over the years the small screws that hold the various parts together become loose and can fall out becoming lost to time. Wittmann Antique Militaria SA Dagger (Sturmabteilung) Section. SA Dienstdolch group markings Article about: Here is a gruppe mark that is very rare and elusive, to be added to the list,, this gruppe mark is "Oe" which represents the Austrian SA! 05-12-2008, 09:06 AM #1 Early SA Dagger by Henckels - D588 . Metal scabbard with brass mounts. Blade is etched "Alles fur Deutscheland" & maker marked CARL JUL. Asterisks, daggers, and double daggers that appear raised from the baseline are not considered to be in the superscript position. The WKC firm, known as a larger firm focusing on army daggers, did not make tone of SA daggers. An early production M1933 SA enlisted dagger made by the firm of J. The Gorham company's mark was a row of three emblems: a lion (for sterling), an anchor (for its base in Rhode Island), and a "G" (its initial). Buy online, view images and see past prices for 3 WWII GERMAN SA DAGGERS & 1 NSKK DAGGER. Bayonet Trader If you have a Facebook. SA Dienstdolch group markings Article about: Here is a gruppe mark that is very rare and elusive, to be added to the list,, this gruppe mark is "Oe" which represents the Austrian SA! 05-12-2008, 09:06 AM #1 You got to love these early sa daggers. SIG SAUER firearms are the weapons of choice for many of the premier global military, law enforcement and commercial users. maker marked with the RZM Code 7/42. Description: WWII GERMAN SA DAGGER This is a German SA Dagger Weyersberg, Kirschbaum & Co. The upper and lower solid nickel cross guards are in mint condition, with the lower guard sporting the group mark “Fr” (Franken). I do not know that much about this, I collect Japanese swords. Giersch, Solingen Nice blade with etched motto and maker's mark. Blade is in mint condition with in and out marks only. 3. The blade fits really snug to the early anodized scabbard. Looks to be out of the woodwork. Trader. There are a total of 221 known makers of early German SA and NSKK dagger producing between 1933-1936, this number dropped to 62 once the RZM system was adopted and only select companies gained manufacturing contracts. The marks on the blade are addressed by a note Many knife enthusiasts consider Scott Sawby to materials makes it clear this Sa wby folding dagger is a winner In the Mystery Marks forum, Jackie Weeks asked about a mark "the silversmith" . Scabbard runner clean – the scabbard throat is removed then the internal runners are removed and cleaned (helps prevent further blade marks and an internal clean). The handle has no chips or dings. found in loft when emptying late grandfathers loft. Chained SS Dagger, 2nd Model Luftwaffe Dagger, RAD Dagger, Hitler Youth Dagger, NSKK Dagger, RLB Dagger, DRK Red Cross Dagger Knives SS 3 Blade Knife with embossed SS runes and Swastika, Hitler Knife with "Meine Ehre Heist True" motto on blade, Hitler Knife with "Alles Fur Deutchland" motto on blade. The consignor contacted me and initially sent me pictures, and eventually the dagger. 0). In the background, an almighty tussle is Military German, Japanese, Russian Swords & Daggers SS Dagger SA Dagger SS Daggers SA Daggers Russian Shashka Caucasian Shashka 19th century caucasian Khanjali ხანჯალი Imperial Japanese naval dirks japanese swords F-102A Delta Dagger 43; F-104 Group Builds, Theme Builds Images by Mark Aldrich >> 02 April, 2011 McChord AFB, WA. Ratings are 1-10, with a 10 being the rarest. E. This is a Pre-1935 model as evidenced by the SA Group Marking 'Fr' on the reverse lower crossguard for the Franken Group. Light scratches on blade, anodized scabbard-with a light coat of rust, slight dent bottom ball, rest of dagger is Ex- (silver) $700. sa dagger group marks